Sunday, October 19, 2008


Aku kena tag ngan sorang member ni kat dalam Blog dia.Okay,actually ni macam game la jugak,bila kita kena tag macam tu,maka kita wajib menjawabnyer dan kita boleh tag orang lain pulak.Actually game ni best jugak sebab dari situ kita bukan saje akan menghiburkan orang lain,malah kita boleh mempromosikan blog kita kat orang lain.Okay,first Im going to reveal 10 random facts about me.Only 10 ya...
  1. Chubby
  2. Very sensitive but easy to forgive
  3. lazy but only in a certain things
  4. Currently I'm on diet
  5. Crazy (In certain situation)
  6. Still in love with my husband and will always do.
  7. Condition Zero is my fav game and Mosiang is my second fav.
  8. Always dreaming to be a millionaire like Donald Trump
  9. Want to be a full time blogger(insyaAllah)
  10. Cant wait to watch last episode of Harry Potter.

Now i pass the tag to Yatiesawanila,sall,kak eina,Yuzz,ladyfida,Izzamil and sabrina.I hope you will do the same like what i'm doing by telling other bloggers 10 random facts about yourself and then tagged other bloggers except me.Good Luck!

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