Thursday, April 23, 2009

Good Listener Vs Good Speaker

Sometimes people can be a good listener and sometimes they only can be a good speaker. But sometimes people can be both.Good speaker doesn't mean that he/she can be a good listener as well. One of the professor from UKM have mentioned that"If you can be a good speaker, can talk fluency in front of people,can provide a very super duper Idea,but if you can't be a good listener,then you are LOOSER".Do you think so?Yeap, I do think so.Have u ever in the situation which is your boss always ask u to do this and that. When u try to give your view, its automatically object by them.When you try to explain on any issue,your explanation were automatically rejected.
Whatever you say is totally wrong for them and whatever they say is totally right to them.

What I hate most about this type of people is when they ask you something,they expect they will get the right answer immediately. They like to interrupt on whatever you say. Its like there's no room for you to talk rather than to listen to their nonsense talk. In my real life everyday I will see this type of people. What I do is just ignore them because I've already know,even how good they are but for me they are still a LOOSER.

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