Sunday, October 5, 2008

Petrol Prices set to go down today!

Readers,I got this article from one of nuffnang members and posted in Financial Affairs.I dont know either its true or not.

Yes people, if you did not know, CRUDE OIL DROPPED TO $98 per barrel because of the economic crisis in the Western Markets which sent jitters to the world markets alike.

So what does that mean? For the consumers, it’s harder to get credit plus that now things are not looking that great with anything at all. On the offside, with the drop from $147 to $98 per barrel, we can see petrol prices drop to RM2.15 per liter unsubsidized which literally would mean that prices on the pumps will be about RM1.78!

Singapore last week dropped the fuel prices by 5.5 cents triggered by SHELL and SPC and now this sharp drop will cause a further drop of about 10cents per liter on the Singapore Markets.

As Malaysia is an OPEC Country, although it means that PetroNAS is going to get less cash for the fuel, the costs are going back to the citizens pocket, so hear us out people, petrol will go down!!

Hope it’s RM1.78! (based on 40% drop from RM2.70)

So,apa lagi....Biarlah ianya menjadi realiti kan.Mintak-mintaklah....

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izzamil said...

... tak mungkin akan smpai pada tahap itu ..kerana kita jangan lupa duit subsidi minyak kita dh dapat..