Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lets play this game

Today, I wanna share with all readers about one of my Fav game. Hah, what game???? Look...

Dont think ladies dont play this kind of game huh. Let me show you how I play.
First, enter the game,

Second, Choose either you want to be a terrorist or CT force. Normally I Choose CT Force because I can use shield.

Then, you can start to play. You can choose any Maps to play and my fav maps is Ice World because it was an easiest maps to play. It means I still not terror la, still under trainning.

My fav weapon is Sniper lah. Easy to use and to win also, but sometimes lah.

With who I play???That is my biggest secret!!!


Jim said...

Macam best je game tu... main tembak2 ke tu? Ajar la sikit ... kita pun nak main...

Hotmama said...

nak kena ajar ke????ala apa susah,tembak jer